Responding to coverage of the BBC Panorama report on alcohol related disruptive behaviour on flights Dave Roberts Director General of the Alcohol Information Partnership said

“Traveling can be stressful enough without the boorish and unpleasant behaviour of drunken passengers.  It is unacceptable that the actions of a small minority can disrupt the vast majority of sensible passengers that want nothing more than a quiet, relaxed and uneventful start to their holiday.

Insulting, disrespectful and abusive behaviour towards airline staff and fellow passengers can never be tolerated and should be dealt with using all laws and regulations available.  Airline and airport staff must be allowed to get on with their important jobs without the added pressure of managing drunken behaviour from a few unruly passengers.

UK government data shows that in general adults drink in a moderate and convivial manner, young adults drink less year on year and binge drinking and alcohol related crime and violence are on the decline.  Where problems exist, such as on some flights, action should be taken to address the behaviour of thoughtless and disrespectful holiday makers that continue to drink too much and cause disruption to flights and distress to staff and other passengers.”




Dave Roberts

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