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The Alcohol Information Partnership (AIP) believes that it is important to remember that the vast majority of people in the UK drink responsibly and enjoy alcohol as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle: binge drinking is in decline1, particularly among young people, underage drinking is reducing2 and long-term harmful drinking is also falling3.

The AIP recognises the work that the industry, retailers and many others do to encourage responsible drinking and minimise alcohol misuse. AIP will promote a continued partnership approach to tackling alcohol misuse through coordinated action between Government, industry, Local Authorities and NGOs that focuses on education, enforcement and targeted initiatives. The steady fall in alcohol misuse suggests this approach is producing results and that success should be built upon.

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  1. Overall, binge drinking has fallen by 19% since 2005. There have been significant declines in binge drinking for the 16-24 and 25-44 age groups, down 33% and 20% respectively. (ONS)
  2. In the last decade, the proportion of children (11-15) who have had an alcoholic drink has declined by 38%. (HSCIC)
    In the last decade, the proportion of secondary school pupils who thought it was OK to try alcohol has fallen by 28% (HSCIC)
    In the last decade, the proportion of secondary school pupils who thought it was OK to get drunk has reduced from 46% to 24% (HSCIC)
    Under 18 alcohol-specific hospital admissions have fallen by 46% since 2008, and by 8% in the last year alone (2012/13 – 2014/15). (PHE)
    In every region of England underage hospital admissions due to alcohol are falling, including in those areas that in the past have been disproportionately affected by alcohol-related harms, such as the North West (down 54%) and North East (down 46%). (PHE)
  3. In 2014, there were 8,697 alcohol-related deaths registered in the UK. Alcohol-related deaths have fallen since a peak in 2008. The majority of deaths (65%) were among males. Alcohol-related deaths for both males and females are more prevalent in the North of the country. (ONS) Alcohol-related hospital admissions for those aged under 40 have declined over the past six years(PHE)


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